About our Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

1. The products are shipped within 6 working days, once the order is placed by the customer.

2. The shipping time is dependent on the method of transit. Although, it may be varied in case of unforeseen circumstances or festivals.

3. If your order is time sensitive, make sure to contact us. We will facilitate a speed up shipping if possible.

4. All orders will ship through ground courier unless otherwise decided. An estimate of the shipping charges is available while you “check out”.

As per our general guidelines, orders equal to and under INR 500, will have a normal shipping charge based on your location.

At Curest Science & wellness pvt ltd we assure to provide easy and quick shipment of our products to the customers. We will give our best that your order is delivered to you on time or even before.

Return and Refund Policy

Ordering at curediet.in is an easy and quick process. You can return or replace all items within 14 days of purchase.

Please ensure the following while accepting the orders:

1. Do not Accept any product by the courier services if the product is opened or tampered.

2. Take a picture or make a video of the package if you find the product to be damaged or false product. This can be a supporting proof to check with our courier service.

3. Do not break/tear the seal of the product if you have any doubts/questions about authenticity.

If the product seal is broken, we do not accept return/replacement of that product.

We will not be accepting any return/replacement, if the above points are not being followed.

For return, send a snapshot of the outer packaging, Cure Diet order number and images of the product received, with the invoice copy to our customer care at support@curediet.in. Ensure that the product is unused and unbroken. Seal, tags, boxes and other packaging has to be intact.

Return courier has to be arranged from your end, we do not have the facility to arrange a return pick-up.

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